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was from ours but we realized it was from the water main. it was completely filling the intersection and the cars were under the water and everything. >> they gist moved in two weeks ago. the water department has determined they are not going to have to red tag any homes and they look structurally sound they have a huge mess out here and they will have to bring in heavy equipment, dig up the street, go underground, mix the water main and clean up this mess. and now mike nicco and the temperatures. >> we start with live doppler 7 hd and it is really dry, temperatures are cooler than they were this time yesterday. we will start around the bay and we are in the low-to-mid 40's in most areas and near 60 by noon. inland there is frost. 35 is the general rule at 7:00.
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61 at noon. 65 at 4:00. you will be clearing during the evening hours and mild at 55. at the coast it is calm. low-to-mid 40's. increasing clouds. partly cloudy at noon and 57. and breezy this afternoon at 54 and the clouds linger through the evening and you will be cooler at 49. >> at golden gate bridge we have reports of a tire in the right lane as you make your way southbound so that would be the cash-paying lane and there could be a quick traffic break and traffic is slowing nicely on this with no delays. elsewhere, we will look at the commute as you make your way from highway 4, westbound, looking slow out of antioch you can see toward railroad and it picks up into the concord area and in the san francisco we still have road work until 7:00 southbound 280 from 19th avenue to highway one. kristen and eric? >> now to developing news from santa cruz where the town is.
6:02 am
coming together following the shooting death of two officers in the line of duty. cornell bernard joins us live with what we are lending about the shootout. cornell? >> a very, very sad day in santa cruz, a city in mourning mourning the death of two believes killed in the line of document when they came to the home, at north branciforte, the suspect opened fire. they have been combing every inch of the crime scene. we have new video. several cars were reof -- removed from the property, a white luxus with bullet holes. detective sergeant butch baker and his colleague, elizabeth but her lost their lives on tuesday when they responded to the home. they were met with gunfire. the officers were killed.
6:03 am
we were overhead minutes later. half an hour later the 35-year-old suspect was spotted and chased by police. he was shot and killed during the pursuit. police chief says his department now is coming to grip with the tragedy. >> there are not words to describe how i feel personally about there and how my department is reacting to this horrific tragedy. >> the chaplains are counseling fellow officers today and through the week while a growing memorial of candles, thousand worries, cards, and prayers now adorn the courtyards of the police headquarters. officers were well-known by many in the community not only folks who protected the community but they were friends to many who lived here. a police news conference is scheduled for 11:30 this morning and we hope to learn more
6:04 am
details about this tragedy then. >> we are learning more about the officers killed and the gunman's troubled past, both were veterans of the santa cruz police department and leave behind families. sergeant butch baker was with the department for 28 years and detective butler for 10 years. if the first time in the santa cruz police department history the flags were lowered in honor of officers baker and butler. >> she leaves behind her partner, peter, and her two young boys. butch was 28-year veteran of the santa cruz police department. he was a long-time friend of mine. a mentor. he leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and a son who actually works for my department as a community service officer. >> santa cruz police department is getting a last support, and
6:05 am
sheriff deputieses have been filling in for other officers on patrol there. >> we talked with the killer's father and he said his son was a former marine would flew blackhawk helicopters. we know he had a police record. he was convicted in several peeping tom cases in portland, oregon, in 2008. in one case he had a gun and it went off during a struggle with a woman's boyfriend. he was sentenced to three years probation but sent back to jail after peeping into windows during a visit with his probation officer. in santa cruz he was working as a coffee maker and a coworker filed a police report against him according to the police he broke into the co-workers' home and made sexual advances. we will update you on new developments on twitter@abc7news bay area and on the newscast. >> how big is too big? the proposed office project prompting controversy in the south bay.
6:06 am
>> a day away from pope benedict's resignation and we go live to rome.
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>> at 6:10, good morning to you. it is so dry. the air, the ground, we cannot get fog to form, the visibility
6:09 am
is four miles in novato and five at half moon bay and everyone else, unlimited visibility. our temperatures are under increasing clouds this afternoon. we will be pretty close if not shy of yesterday with a lot of mid-to-upper 60's until you get to around san francisco and half moon bay at 60 and the beaches are in the upper 50's. thursday, friday, saturday, those are the warmest days in the forecast. >> going live to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have been turned on, a minimum back jim to the first overcrossing. elsewhere, wednesday, halfway through the week, already, wednesday morning commute, this affects the neighborhood in west portal, what amy hollyfield has been reporting all morning, a broken water main at 15th. you will want to take west portal through that area and avoid that intersection. mass transit off to a good start but ace train one leaving pleasanton 10 minutes behind and ace train number he is on time.
6:10 am
>> a proposed office project is causing controversy in mountain view. members of the city council clashed at the meeting last night over the proposeed project south of highway 237. the proposal calls for re-developing the land by building four office towers each 6 to 8 stories tall and some say it project is too big and will clog the streets. the mayor is dismissing the concerns saying the project is in line with the general plan. >> california voters said "no" to legalizing recreational marijuana and now where the voters stand now on the issue. >> pope benedict makes the last rise on the popemobile. we will go live to rome to hear from the catholic faith
6:11 am
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happy hump day. we will check out wind. hardly any wind out there. three to five miles per hour if you are not calm. mostly sunny and temperatures cooler than this morning, inland valleys are 37 and everyone else close to yesterday at mid-40's. at noon, upper 50's to near 60 and let to mid 60's away from the coast and breezy temperature in the mid-50's and brick there and headed through the evening hours, it will be mostly clear and upper 40's at the coast and mid-50's for the rest of us. kristen? >> thank you, new this morning, pope benedict is making the last appearance in vatican city before he officially steps down
6:14 am
tomorrow. tens of thousands geared to hear him this morning and we are talking to the faithful with our reporter live from rome. nick? >> good morning, kristen. a historic day in rome, the first time since the middle ages a pope decided to stay goodbye. he told all the tens of thousands of people, "the church has eye and light," and he admitted the church has gone through difficult times. >> the final audience and farewell to the faithful. pope benedict xvi and his last ride in the popemobile and the last public speech. never has there been a bigger crowd. the church has had joy and light, he says, and also it has had difficult moments. the crowd arrived from all over the world and three students from santa barbara were there.
6:15 am
>> a monumental time, no pope resigned the way he has. it is something we have to see. >> tomorrow, pope benedict will retire to quiet prayer and meditation and it will be captured live by 26 vatican cameras. the spectators are full of devotion but pope benedict leaves behind a catholic church concerned by corruption, cronyism and scandal. a final private meeting watt 007 cardinal whose wrote about gay priests and blackmail in a confidential document. and los angeles cardinal resigned but he is here for accusing crime of pedophile priests. >> he did not say there are too many scandals i have to resign but the weight of the job on someone who is in relatively frail health and very old took its toll. it was time to go. >> pope benedict will live in this convict and will give up his red shoes but continue to
6:16 am
wear white. >> he, really, wants to return to his old role as a scholar, read books and write books. >> he is known as the school -- scholar pope and this morning the faithful are giving thanks. tomorrow morning, the pope will say goodbye to the cardinals, he will leave the vatican on a helicopter to the retreat outside of rome and that will be the final and most memorable act of st. peter's 265th success successor. stay with abc7 and abc news for continuing coverage of the farewell to pope benedict and george stephanopolis is in vatican city and will anchor special coverage tomorrow starting, rather, today, starting at 7:00 on "good morning america" and tomorrow, of course, being the big day.
6:17 am
>> here in the bay area, what is the weather going to be like? >> big day. big day. >> why? >> it will be night like yesterday. that is big news. it is great. it was so nice yesterday. hoard to stay inside. everything was going on outside. trees popping. pollen. people sneezing. coughing. all that stuff going on. those are the sounds of the sound if you will. live doppler 7 hd shows no need for the umbrella again and if you washed the car the last couple of days money well spent, i don't see a strong chance of rain until next week. and the moon, the east bay hills this morning looking off toward mount tamalpais you can see on the right side of the screen the moon and our temperatures at san francisco, 44, and mid-to-upper 40's in mill valley, and mount tamalpais shows angel island and
6:18 am
back to oakland and santa rosa and fairfield and gilroy, freezing, and we have mid-to-upper 30's around concord and napa and los gatos. it is slightly cooler than it was yesterday. but go outside and see if you can find frost. there is not much out there. the ground is too dry. so is the air. we are abnormally dry like you needed to know that. i tweeted the word "off to a report start" as far as cold weather and that is on our site. the warmest days are tomorrow, friday, and saturday. in the south by we have 66 to 68 degrees. and santa clara at 68. mid-60's on the peninsula and milbrae at 61. upper 60's and breezing along the coast. high clouds and sunshine over our neighborhoods after starting off sunny, and 60 in downtown, and 61 in south san francisco, and 62 in sausalito and mid-to-upper 60's in the north
6:19 am
bay, and 64 or 65 along the east bay shore with mid-to-upper 60's in the east bay valley. tonight the cloud cover keeps us in the upper 30's to low 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's around the bay and coast. high pressure is dominating our weather and here is why we will see the increase in high clouds as the system passes to the north, it could bring us nothing. but there is one behind it that could bring us a flight chance of sprinkles the north bay and when that passes we will look for our best chance of rain as we head to tuesday and wednesday. >> we have slow traffic now through walnut creek and it is bumper to bumper southbound 680 and we will look now as you make your way beyond the turn at north main and the brake lights are hitting right there and slow-and-go to highway 24. elsewhere, highway 4 for the commute out of the antioch area, it is slow and go here, as well, with speeds of 15 miles per hour as you move beyond lone tree and
6:20 am
toward the railroad avenue, and it picks up on the way into concord and we will look at the drive times, the san mateo bridge commute is 14 minutes and 680, a drive from 242 and concord to the 24 junction and now over to kristen and eric. >> thank you. ahead, bay area businesses joining the fight to overturn the california began on same-sex marriage. >> what a difference two years can make, a great shift in support for legalizing recreational use of marijuana. [ female announcer ] at royal caribbean, our ships are designed for wow. ♪ oh, sometimes ♪ i get a good feeling ♪ yeah ♪ get a feeling that i never, never, never, never had before ♪ ♪ no, no, i get a good feeling ♪ [ female announcer ] all this... only on royal caribbean. royal caribbean's biggest sale of the year
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thanks to jif chocolate flavored hazelnut spread. ♪ with jif, anytime of the day can be delicious time. choosy moms choo♪ choosy moms choose jif.
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>> and one of my favorite shots in the morning from the roof camera looking with the east bay hills in the background, just gorgeous. we have a wind shift so it is one to three degrees cooler than yesterday but still delightful. across the entire state, a few sprinkles around eureka and 54 degrees and partly cloudy at tahoe and 49 and mid-60's and 70 through the central valley and low-to-mid 70's at son -- southern cal. >> california voters are now in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana 54 percent now favor legalizing marijuana for personal use. 43 percent are opposed. the poll comes a little more than two years of a california voters rejected proposition 19
6:24 am
which would have legalized recreational marijuana here in the golden state. marijuana is approved for medical purposes and failed by 53 to 46 percent proposition 19. >> the fight to overturn proposition 8 is getting new support. major u.s. companies are expected to sign a legal brief arguing that the ban on same-sex marriage is bad for business. among the companies expected to sign the brief are cupertino's apple, menlo park facebook, san jose's cisco systems and intel. the legal brief will go to the supreme court which is set to hear arguments on whether it is constitutional next month. as we first told you yesterday, prominent republicans are also sending a similar brief to the high court, including hewlett-packard c.e.o. and former candidate for governor whether meg whitman. a video this morning after police responded to protesters at a city council meeting.
6:25 am
in santa cruz they are reeling from the loss of two veteran police officers this morning. new video just in from the scene shows the extend of the shootout. >> live from the newsroom the man suspected in the shootings has a criminal history and dating back five years. the officers murdered leave behind families and distinguished years. >> sue hall from abc7 traffic center, metering lights are on and traffic is backing to the maze may because of the metering lights and no problem on the upper deck but it is sluggish upper deck but it is sluggish moving into san fr of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history?
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful >> abc7 news starts right now
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with live breaking news. >> we continue to cover the breaking news from san francisco where a water main break has closed off part of the neighborhood around 15th avenue. a 16 itch water main broke at 3:00 sending rivers of mud and water down the street to a dozen homes. a dozen vehicles also were impacted. >> this is a live look at scene. you can see the water has gone away but the mud is still left behind. heavy equipment will come in to dig up the street and fix the broken pipe. water service is not affected. we will have more if a live report from amy hollyfield coming up at 6:45. >> thanks for joining us, the water is looking dry. >> no radar runs to speak of, with in fog but for a touch near novato and that is it this morning. we are substituting off sunny
6:29 am
around the bay and mid-40's, let to mid 40's and by noon we have high clouds from a passing cold front and low-to-mid 60's for the better part of the afternoon and mild this afternoon in the mid-50's. inland neighborhoods most of us are cooler this morning, and low-to-mid 30's, and we will have some dimmer sunshine in the afternoon because of the high clouds, and near 60 at noon and low-to-mid 60's around 4:00 and we will be in the mid-50's during the evening hours. back at the coast, we are starting off calmer this morning with sunshine and 44 and high clouds get, by noon to be cloudy and 56 and we will hang out in the mid-50's but it will breezy this afternoon and the clouds linger in the evening hours and you will be cooler than everyone else in the upper 40's. sue? >> we go to walnut creek and the reason if this slow traffic beyond north main there is a big chunk of metal in the main and that is the reason for the brake lights toward highway 24 and it
6:30 am
picks up. reports of a stall in san leandro southbound 880 at 238 blocking a lane there and first reports of an accident also in san leandro southbound 880, and it is involving a motorcycle and three lanes are blocked there. we will check back with that in a couple of minutes. that will make the nimitz nasty this morning. ace train running late 11 minutes out of fremont and other mass transit on time. >> we are continuing to follow developing news from santa cruz. the beachside town in mourning after the shooting deaths of two police officers. we have live coverage with katie marzullo in the newsroom with what we are lending of the fallen officers but we begin with cornell bernard, live in santa cruz. >> it is a dark day here in santa cruz as this small beach community deals with the loss of two officers killed in the line of duty. it happened here at a home in midtown santa cruz, the crime
6:31 am
scene has just cleared. we do have new video to show you, the garage of the home covered with bullet holes. clear evidence of a dramatic shootout. also, two cars were removed from the property a short time ago, a lexus s.u.v. with bullet holes and a white toyota, possibly involved in the incident. detective sergeant baker and his colleague, detect ever elizabeth but her lost their lives. the officers responded to the home on north branciforte and were met with gunfire. they were killed. we were overhead minutes after the shooting and half an hour later the 35-year-old suspect was spotted and chased by police. he was slot and killed during the pursuit. police chap lanes -- police chaplains are counseling fellow officers. >> it is time to support one another.
6:32 am
just trying to set a tone for the next few days. a growing memorial of candles and flowers and cards and prayers can now be seen in the court yesterday of police headquarters. officers were well-known by many in this community. it is a very close knit community and a lot of people knew everyone in this town and they say the officers did not only protect the community but they were also friends to many. a news conference scheduled for 11:30 this morning at the police department and we low pressure to leadership more details of the tragedy then. >> cornell, thank you. our coverage continues with abc7 news reporter katie marzullo who is live in the newsroom with what we are learn about the officers and the suspect. >> both of the officers were veterans of the santa cruz police department and both leave behind families. the police chief says the department lost two exceptionally fine officers,
6:33 am
sergeant baker was with the department 28 years and detective elizabeth butler 10 years. >> assigned to investigations and she leaves behind her partner, peter, and her two young boys. he was a long time friend of mine, a mentor, and he leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and a son who works for my department as a community service officer. >> the suspected killer who was slot and killed by police is 35 -year-old goulet with a record convicted in peeping tom cases in portland, oregon, in 2008 and in when he had a gun and it went off during a struggle with the william's -- woman's boyfriend. he was on friday accused of breaking into a coworkers home and made sexual advances and was fired on saturday.
6:34 am
the report is that sergeant. baker was nearing retirement and detective butler loved the ocean, mountains and the people of santa cruz. >> thanks, casey. a rally against gun violence was going on in downtown santa cruz as the two officers were gunned down the here is a picture of the rally. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of the santa cruz police shootings and we will update you immediately on any developments during this newscast and on twitter@abc7news bay area. >> vallejo police and sheriff deputies have been stepping in after protesters took over a city council meeting, the vallejo times herald reports 50 protesters arrived half an hour after the 6:00 meeting started and took over the sound system after council members retreated to a back room. the demonstrators were there to
6:35 am
protest seven officer involved shootings in the city. the protesters took the demonstration outside, finally. >> in oakland several people are being searched after a police pursuit through the city at 8:30 last night. the suspects hopped from a car and took off running but the car was still rolling as police followed with their guns drawn. police is not said what led to the chase or if they had any suspects in custody. >> what is happening today in peru that could finally bring a sigh of relief to the bay area families of a missing couple. >> we are continuing to follow breaking in us from san francisco, a water main break create as huge mess in a west portal neighborhood and a big clean up now is underway. >> here is a live look outside, bay bridge toll plaza, sunrise, great shot with traffic and weather together next.
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6:38 am
>> we are back at 6:40. here is a look at how much we are below or lacking in rainfall for the rain year which starts july 1st and ends june 30 of this year. look at that, 2" or 3" and up to 4" in some areas. if we saw tans or oranges that would be a moderate to severe drought, red is extreme drought so we are not in a drought yet but we need and rain desperately. mid-to-upper 60's for most of us and upper 50's to low 60's along the coast and san francisco. the next three days, our warmest days in the forecast and watch out for pollen because there will be a lot of tree pollen the
6:39 am
next three days outside. >> sue? >> slow-and-go moving beyond golden gate fields area under the university overcrossing and it picks up a bit as you work toward the macarthur maze. it is still a tough grind. we have a situation developing in san leandro what was first reported as a stall southbound at 238, that may have been but now we have a motorcycle down in the same area, southbound, with three left lanes blocked and the motorcycle is down in the left lane and the three left lanes are blocked southbound through san leandro area. you will find traffic slow moving toward the scene from the oakland area. kristen and eric? >> the families of a bay area couple in the to be missing in peru could finally get to talk to the pair today. gator land -- garrett hand and jamie neal have been spots after losing contact a month ago. yesterday the families received calls from the peru government and the embassy saying the two
6:40 am
were elected. the state department is working to confirm the couple has indeed been spotted. today, peru officials hope to reach the pair and bring a satellite phone so they can call their families in california. >> ahead, what is really to blame for the afternoon slump at work. >> trading underway on wall street and here is the big board, the dow is 25 points up. t
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> novato and oakland and
6:43 am
sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> this is a look at 280 at 17 to the south bay it is sunny over san jose with temperatures one to four degrees cooler than yesterday because of more cloud cover this afternoon. storm systems passing to the north and you can barely see the radar returns and the light rain will try to move to eureka at 54. mid-to-upper 60's through the central valley and monterey at 61 and 54 in yosemite and low-to-mid 70's around san diego and palm springs and los angeles. sail travel. >> breaking news great 4:30 this morning. a san francisco neighborhood is waking up to flooded streets, flooded homes and now a sinkhole. abc7 news reporter is in the west portal neighborhood near 15th avenue where a big clean up is underway. >> the big problem here is mud. now the sun is coming up i can
6:44 am
show you how thick of a problem it is, piles of mud. folks have been here shoveling and vacuuming trying to get it out of look how much water flooded the intersection at 3:00 this morning, all because of the 16" water main ruptured pulling dirt from underground to the surface and this is mud everywhere. water even flooded people's cars and homes. >> the house is at least under 2' or 3' of water and we are grabbing anything we could. we jut moved in so all of our boxes were on the ground. unbelievable. so...terrible.
6:45 am
>> the water department has gone door-to-door and prepared to red tag homes if necessary but has determined that all of the homes seem structurally sound. no red tagging here. the red cross came out to help people if they needed to relocate. it looks like that is not going to be an issue. they are bringing in heavy equipment and they will dig up the street today and they have to get underground to the water main and they have to repair it and they have to clean up this mess. >> and now josh has a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good wednesday morning to all of you coming up here. we are live at the vatican as the pope benedict makes the final appearance before the faithful a day, now, before he officially leaves his post, george is there, has always the latest with the ceremonies leading to the historic resignation. next, right here, on "good
6:46 am
morning america" ahead. >> and turn off the florescent light if you are sleepy at work, natural light keeps you alert these lights zap your energy and make you sleepy, offices should ditch flour resolution sent to help workers be more productive and workers made more mistake when it is cold you are distracted and spend precious energy trying to stay warm. >> if you are not saving enough for college, join the company, you are not alone. ikea has a problem with another food product. jane king has that. >> good morning, yes, more horse meat problems for ikea, the sausages produced by the same company that supplied them with the meatballs that contained traces of horse meat some containing 10 percent horse meat. this has been happening in the united states, but all overseas.
6:47 am
retail target suffering the worst holiday sales performance in four years because of luxury goods line with niemann's glopped and they tried to cut prices on niemann's by 50 percent. so far this morning, here is how we look, stabilization day. we had recovery from the sell off on monday, it feels like a quiet trade. we got stronger-than-expected durable goods but concern of political instability in europe and the silicon valley index is trading a bit lower. fewer parents save for college and those who are saving less. parents socked arm $12,000 last year compared to $20,000 they saved in 2010, and more than half of those not saving for college say it is because they expect their children to receive scholarships and grants to cover the cost. 74 percent those earning between
6:48 am
$5,000 and $100,000 say they cannot afford to put money away. studies say the average amount of undergraduates from grants was down 15 percent last year. >> thank you, no surprise if you look how much it costs these days, right? >> as a father i recommend you grow your kids to be 6' 10" so they can get scholarships, you will be fine. >> we can all do that. >> and now the weather, again, will be nice but maybe not so warm. >> or get an academic scholarship. >> thank you. >> i knew you were dying to say that. >> 6' 10" is sure thing in my family. live doppler 7 hd shows it is bone dry. so dry we have a hard time seeing any fog form.
6:49 am
check out telegraph hill at the tower at 47. san bruno is 43 and redwood city is 40 and half moon bay is 43. palo alto is cool at 36. east bay at oakland at 43 and 41 in richmond and union city and antioch at 43 and pleasanton at 33 and walnut creek for 38 and the south bay the sun is shining brightly and 39 in walnut creek and 42 in gilroy. from mount tamalpais, santa rosa and petaluma at 32 and napa at 35 and novato at 36 and sausalito at 43 degrees. more high clouds today because of the systems moving through the north. milder tonight and the warmest day is thursday, friday, and saturday. today we will be in the mid-to-upper 60's in the south
6:50 am
bay and mid-60's on the peninsula including palo alto and dropping to 61 at millbrae and upper 60's to near 60's along the coast where it will be breezy and 60 in downtown san francisco and 62 in sausalito and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay and prepares are breezy and ten degrees coolers and over the east bay short line, 64 or 65 and 63 in san ramon and brentwood is a warm spot at 68. with cloud cover, upper 30's to low 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40s around the bay and to the coast. a run on 70's tomorrow and friday and saturday with our best chance of rain on tuesday. sue? >> we have a shot here, a live shot in san san leandro a motorcycle is down and you can see bit tow truck it is clear out but lanes are still blocked
6:51 am
and c.h.p. has at least three or maybe two or three right lanes blocked and this is southbound and you can see the backup all the bay back past 238 and you can see just expect 880 to be a ground and you will take 580 to get around this and motorcycle is being hauled off, no word whether the driver was injured or not but the backup is all the way back into the oakland area. again, avoid 880 if you can and take 580. look at, again, where the accident is on our map and well give you a drive time here, if you are headed out, there is 101, 880 from 238 to 980 and 238 to dixon landing road that number is rapidly changing well over 20 minutes right now. eric and kristen? >> five things to know before you go.
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know. santa cruz is mourning the loss of two fallen officers. they were killed trying to arrest a suspect yesterday. the man, 35-year-old, was later killed by swat officers. investigators just cleared the crime scene the last hour. authorities are holding a news conference with new details expected from their investigation. >> we are learning more about the officers, sergeant butch baker was 28-year veteran close to retirement and leaves a wife and two daughters and a son. detective elizabeth but her leaves behind her partner and two young sons, a ten-year veteran. >> water main break in san francisco leaves floodwaters gushing and the area will stay closed while crews clean up the big mess. heavy equipment is brought in to dig up the street and repair the
6:54 am
pipe. >> this morning, state regulators are expected to consider raisings california's gasoline tax by 3.5 cents which is used to repair roads and bridges, and goes into effect july 1 and costs an average driver an extra $30 a year. >> pope benedict delivered the public goodbye to a huge crowd at st. peter's this morning, an estimated 200,000 faithful showed up to on the pope before he officially stepped down. >> final accweather forecast this wednesday morning. mike? >> at the financial district temperatures are 48 degrees right now but still freezing if petaluma at 32. santa clara at 34. 38 in walnut creek and saratoga. in the afternoon you can see the extra clouds, they will dim the sunshine, and a breezy temperature or day and mid-50's to near 60 at the coast. >> 880 the nimitz nasty this morning, we had an early
6:55 am
accident and this was a motorcycle involved. c.h.p. has just now issued a sig-alert because of the massive backup all the way into oakland. there were three left lanes blocked for a time. accident cleared but the traffic remains bumper to bumper south 880. you will want to take 580 if you can. >> the abc7 morning news continues with news, weather and traffic. >> america american will have more on the farewell the pope benedict. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year.
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visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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breaking this morning, pope benedict holds his final audience in front of tens of thousands. with just over 24 hours to go in his controversial papacy, we're live at the vatican with brand-new developments on who could be the next pope. trapped, middle school students in their school overnight. icy roads too dangerous to drive home. right in the middle blizzard danger zone, as the storm wallops much of the nation. caught in the act, on tape. look at this. a teacher appears to be stealing from students right in the high school locker room. how she was discovered. we'll hear from the student who
6:59 am
set up a sting to catch a thief. ♪ hey, baby, i think i want to marry you ♪ and can't wait to wed. jennifer aniston opening up about her big plans for her wedding to justin. she has 2 ring, she has the dress, the date. and she answers the question everyone's been asking, is she pregnant? hello from st. peter's square here in rome, where pope benedict has just completed his final general audience in st. peter's square. the crowding is sitting down right now. but it was a mood buoyant and subdued. the pope came in, riding in that pope mobile, around the square. even kissed a few babies in front of the cardinals who will choose the next pope. buwh

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